The Fight for the AMNRL Grand Final

By Daniel Andruczyk

No, no… its not a fight to get the AMNRL Grand Final, the Philadelphia Fight did get the AMNRL Grand Final! Also some international results and more good news coming out of Lebanon. A bit in the rumour mill as well this week with Poland.

AMNRL Final to Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Fight Rugby League Team has been awarded this years American National Rugby League Grand Final. to be held on the 28th of August, the same weekend as the Challenge Cup final in the UK. The ground will be the home ground of the fight the A. A. Garthwaite Stadium in Conshohocken

England Junior woes Continue

Or is it a case that at the Junior level many of the other nations are just much more up to speed? The 27th of January saw the Wales U18’s take on the Community lions in the next Discovery Challenge Cup game. England were already languishing at the bottom and the Australian Institute of Sport have taken the honours so pride was on the line here.

In what was a tight game the welsh kids came out with their 6th win in the last 7 encounters with the eastern folk winning 28-14 in Leeds.

In other news the second round of the Challenge cup draw was made. Some of the opponents are still waiting upon results from matches that will be played out this weekend

  • Stanningley or Wigan St Judes v Milford Marlins
  • Rochdale Mayfield v Leigh East
  • Castleford Panthers v Thatto Heath Crusaders
  • Ovenden v Myton Warriors or Halton Cross Simms
  • Wath Brow Hornets v East Hull
  • Siddal v Oulton
  • Drighlington or West Hull v Castleford Lock Lane
  • Normanton or Wigan St Pats v Hunslet Warriors
  • Hull Dockers or Pilkington Recs v Shaw Cross or Leigh Miners Rangers
  • British Police v Leeds Met
  • RAF or Warrington Wizards v The Army
  • Edinburgh Eagles v Blackwood Bulldogs
  • The Navy v West London Sharks or Nottingham Outlaws

Lebanon Powers On

The 2010 Presidents XIII train on squad was announced this week. This is a match that will play the Liban Espoir who are the Lebanon National side made up from the Local competition.

  • Nayef Abisaid (LAU)
  • Mohamed Akkar (AUB)
  • Kamal Ali (AUB)
  • Jad Asmar (UOB)
  • Joe Safa (LAU)
  • Hanni Assi (LAU)
  • Ibrahim Ballout (LAU)
  • Najy Bassil (UOB)
  • Abdul Bekdache (UOB)
  • Ayman Bitar (Wolves)
  • Mohamed Chaker (UOB)
  • Darwich Darwich (UOB)
  • Ahmad Fadlallah (LAU)
  • Mounir Finan (Jounieh)
  • Gaby Abou Fayad (Wolves)
  • Talal Harmouche (Jounieh)
  • Mounib Ismael (UOB)
  • Aboud Karim Jameel (UOB)
  • Karim Jamal (LAU)
  • Yves Khoury (LAU)
  • Tarek Makhlouf (UOB)
  • Sami Mansour (UOB)
  • Najy Ramy (AUST)
  • Mohamed Tawil (AUB)

Also rugby league is set to have a huge push into the schools in Lebanon now that is is a recognised sporting federation in that country.


The NRL season is getting closer but before anything happens the Indigenous v All Stars game is to be played. The All Star team was named this week. Some of the players that made it are:

  • Darren Lockyer
  • Benji Marshall
  • Cameron Smith
  • Adam Blair
  • Billy Slater (Storm)
  • Israel Folau (Broncos)
  • Manu Vatuvei (Warriors)
  • Dave Taylor (Rabbitohs)
  • Anthony Watmough (Sea Eagles)
  • Jarryd Hayne (Eels)
  • Luke O’Donnell (Cowboys)
  • Kurt Gidley (Knights)
  • Anthony Tupou (Sharks)
  • Alan Tongue (Raiders)
  • Luke Bailey (Titans)
  • Josh Morris (Bulldogs)

The International 9’s to be played at Cabramatta are getting closer as well. These will be played on Saturday the 6th of February. Rugby League International Scores will be there and hopefully will have some great photos, video and interviews.

Rumour Mill

Some more discussions with the Polish Rugby League are on going. From what I hear a constitution is being written up as well as getting recognition from the sports ministry. There is a problem here as at the moment Rugby Union is the only recognised sport and so would have to split to form League… I am told that this is NOT in anyway interference from Union and they seem supportive at the moment, its just a government thing. Fingers crossed that it all works out OK.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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9 Responses to “The Fight for the AMNRL Grand Final”

  1. Robbo says:

    I’m a bit confused about the Lebanese match, are the President’s xiii and the Liban Espoir team’s both picked from the Lebanese local competition?

    Good to see things happening in Poland, love the Rumour mill Dan!

    • druzik says:

      So the levels are like this as I understand them.

      Lebanon Cedars – Full national team. The best Lebanese players from around the world and locally get selected.
      Liban Espoir – Is the Lebanon B team made up of the best Local talent.
      Presidents XIII – is also made up from the local talent but is like up and coming players on the fringe of the espoirs or are young.

      The match is effectively their State of Origin match.

  2. sportsmad says:

    Great news from Lebanon. Perhaps one day soon they will rival Wales or France. I think a plan for a souther tri nations (AUS, NZ & PNG) to run alongside a northern Tri Nations (ENG, FRA, Wales) would be a great long term plan but with other countries like Lebanon theres just too many teams in the north to limit it to “tri”

  3. Jon says:

    The switch to summer rugby in Europe has given rugby league many more possibilities in my opinion. Best of luck with everything in Poland and I hope in a few years we’re getting reports from a competitive Polish competition.
    If the Polish competition does take off, it might be an idea to contact Kris Radlinski with a view to being an embassador and perhaps even running some coaching schools.

    • druzik says:

      Summer Rugby (despite what we saw the other night lol) has been great, League doesn’t compete with Union or Soccer and so Fans don’t have the hard choice of where to go… so Hull City fans can still get out and watch Hull KR and Hill FC matches.

      Poland will be interesting. Many of the structures at government level are still being developed in general so these things tend to take a long time to get through what I call the “Red and white tape”. I remember with me getting my Polish citizenship and passport it took nearly two years of just stuffing around and waiting, something that you should not have to do.

      Kris as far as I know has been contacted and is on the Facebook site and has offered to help.

  4. druzik says:

    I am involved in the Polish RL set up, it not set up fully, it takes a long time to get things done there, particularly with the last 3 months developments politically there now.

    Many people in Poland, UK and Australia involved.

  5. C.T.SANDERS says:

    I hope it all goes well for you in regards to establishing rl in poland daniel.i can’t wait for russia and poland to square off.

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