Italy goes on and Broncos in Rhino Land

By Daniel Andruczyk

This week the Brisbane Broncos started their tour of South Africa. Italy finally got officially notified of their complaint from the Serbians and a clarification on the 2009 Italian domestic game(s).

Italian Clarification

Speaking with president Tiziano Franchini this week I asked him what the deal was with the domestic competition, as there were only two games played. He explained to me that the level between the teams was a massive gap and basically some of the team would have bean slaughtered, and so a decision was made to play a game between the two strongest teams and the a game between the two weakest one. This made things a bit fairer.

Also he says that this year will be a consolidation of the teams with maybe a couple new ones. They hope to have a knockout style domestic competition this year too.

Also despite the worst kept secret, that is that Serbia put in a complaint about Italy in the European Cup, it has taken only till a few days ago for Italy to receive any official notification. As expected this has not been received well but the Italians say they have to let the proper procedure play out. I want to know why its taken this long just for anything official to happen?

A summary of the 2010 season for Italy is:

  • 12/13/14 February – RUGBY LEAGUE WEEKEND Part 1
  • 12/13/14 March – RUGBY LEAGUE WEEKEND Part 2
  • April 2010 – SEVEN WOLLONGONG (AUS)
  • May 2010 – Stage in Southern France – 2 matches against regional teams – France v. Italy before the match
  • June 2010 – ITALIAN LEAGUE qualification – Memorial Simone Franchini 9’s
  • July 2010 – ITALIAN LEAGUE Finals – State Of Origin
  • October 2010 – Columbus Cup – Student European Cup
  • October / November – European Cup 2010

and for the full brochure click here.

Bucking Broncos on Safari

The Brisbane Broncos sent an 8 man delegation to South Africa this week to help the Rhinos out and to help develop the game. Its led by ex NRL players Michael Hancock and Michael De Vere and South Africa’s Australian liaison Nigel Goos.

The idea is to help the sport develop in the high schools as well as have training sessions with the established provincial teams. Lets hope that the effort pays off in the long run and we see a more competitive South Africa and more players in the NRL and ESL.

Daniel Andruczyk’s email:
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