New South Wales team taking shape.

By Daniel Andruczyk

The last couple of weeks has seen many developments in Rugby league, not only internationally but also domestically

Domestic News

The new Southern Wales team has opened up registrations for players to to try out for the new Championship 1 team.

In the wake of NRL players continuing to behave badly off field the NRL has called for a summit to sober up the NRL

The City/country origin match will go to Port Macquarie Next year and will once again be held on the same day as the Australia/New Zealand mid-year test.

International News

The Rugby league playing nations of the south pacific i.e. Tongan Fiji, Cook Islands Samoa and PNG have decided to form the Rugby League Pacific Federation to give them more voice within the RLIF. This is something that RLIS has been calling upon for a while now.

And the biggest news of the last couple of weeks is that KEVIN RUDD is leaving the RLEF . Kevin was the development officer for Europe and responsible for the expansion of the game through the Europe and Middle East – Kevin will concentrate on his Engineering company. Everyone here at RLIS who knows Kevin Rudd would like ot wish him well in all his future endeavours.

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