2010 is calendar is building up!

By Daniel Andruczyk

As we come near the end of the 2009 season the internationals for the 2010 are starting to be announced. Nine countries so far have tentatively announced matches and and tournaments they will be participating in.

So here is the first list for the 2010 season.

  • Portugal v. Japan – Sydney Australia
  • Leeds Rhinos v. Melbourne storm – Leeds England
  • Fiji v. Samoa – TBA Fiji
  • Papua New Guinea v. Samoa – TBA Papua New Guinea
  • Australia v. New Zealand – Melbourne Australia
  • South Africa v. Portugal – TBA South Africa
  • South Africa v. Portugal – TBC South Africa
  • Samoa tour of Dubai.
  • Samoa tour of Australia or NZ
  • New Zealand v. Australia – Auckland New Zealand
  • England v. Papua New Guinea – Auckland New Zealand
  • Australia v. England – Melbourne Australia
  • New Zealand v Papua New Guinea – TBA New Zealand
  • England v. New Zealand – TBA New Zealand
  • Papua New Guinea v. Australia – Sydney Australia
  • Final – Brisbane Australia
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7 Responses to “2010 is calendar is building up!”

  1. oikee says:

    Whats the go with Samoa, ? they becoming international now. I still think PNG should tour nations, if they had funding it would be good.

    • druzik says:

      Yes, well Samoa now have a fairly strong six team domestic comp as well as a 9’s comp. This year they were heavily involved in the mini pacific games and also had a big 9’s tournament that many PI nations sent teams.

      They now have a bit of $$ to be able to at least tour not only in the Pacific but also England and Dubai. What I havent put down in the claendar is the 5 other internationals that Samoa have set aside but no opponents yet confirmed. I have been talking a bit with a few of the samoan management a month ago where they are very keen to tour next year… it was all dependent on the PNC results and what they do.

      PNG tour alot anyway.
      2007 they did the Wales and France tour, 2008 they had the WC obviously and this year they had Fiji tour to them as well they toured to Aus and Samoa.

  2. Robbo says:

    Obviously the Portugal side will be made up of heritage players from Australia but I thought Japan had more or less disappeared of the RL map. Do they have a domestic comp in which to choose players from?

    • druzik says:

      Yes that is correct, it will be predominantly Heritage players, though there has been some work done in Portugal itself.

      No Japan RL may be small but its still going and seems to be stable. Yes the Japanses team is made up of mainly Japanese locals with a few heritage players thrown in. There are three teams based mainly around Tokyo but next year there are possibilities of a team around Osaka and if I get my job in Japan I will look to start something in the Nagoya/Toyota area.

      Japanese results 2009: http://www.rugbyleagueinternationalscores.com/Results/Domestic/Japan

  3. oikee says:

    Japan would be better at rugby league than union i think. Thanks Druzik, did not realise PNG had a tour, and the 4 nations next year will really put them on the map. I think this entering the top team from the Pacific and Euro comps is going to become a really important part of the game. If they finally reach 5 nations with one team allowed in, would be a real bonus for our game. And now we have the commission, full steam ahead, hopefully.

    • druzik says:

      Yes I think the 4N really in the end has to expand to a 6N tournament with a name change… like what I have had in my previous blogs. It will need to give all teams that win their comps a chance to get in I feel.

      My favourite name change is RLIF cup, though International cup could also be a possibility … or something else.

      But agree on your comments.

  4. C.T.SANDERS says:

    It won’t go to 6 nations at all daniel

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