LAU win the Bank of Beirut Championship Grand Final

8th of May, 2010

By Daniel Andruczyk

LAU 40 (10) - AUB 15 (11)

Lebanese American University and American University Beirut faced off in the Lebanon Bank og Beirut Rugby League Championship grand final on Saturday 8th of May. LAU went into the match as heavy favourites having won the minor premiership. AUB coach Faysal Jaber knew it will be tough "Its going to be a hard one for AUB to get up, but anything can happen in 80 minutes in a game of rugby league".

It very nearly did, as the opening 30 or so minutes the 450 spectators saw AUB rush out to an 11-4 lead and were able to hold onto a very slender half time advantage after LAU's Mohamed Jamel went in for his first of the day. Proceedings started with a Mohamed Tawil try for AUB on the 15 minute mark. Ahmed Fadallah then went over from a penalty for LAU to bring it back to 2 points. Peter Rahal on 25 minutes took a drop goal attempt and  slotted it over and then Mohamed Jamel went over for the first of his 4 for the day. At half time AUB led 11-10 over the favourites.

The second stanza however was a completely different story with LAU dominating proceeedings from the get go. Mohamed Jamel latched onto a pass from Robin Hachache on the 46 minute mark and then at 55 minutes went over again for his hat-trick. 64 minutes in Maze Knio went in and on 70 minutes Bahige Saridar also scores. But more points were on offer as Alen Khoury went over and then AUB clawed one back with Mohamed Tawils second. But fittingly the last try of the match was by Man of the Match Mohamed Jamel who got his fourth in the 79th minute.

In the end LAU were just too strong and lived up to their favouritism and Mohamed Jamel took out the Man of the Match award with his 4 try haul.

LAU 40 (10) T: Fadallah, M. Jamel 4, Knio, Saridar, Khoury, G: K. Jamel 4 defeated AUB 15 (11) T: Tawil 3 G: Walsh DG: Rahal   Crowd: 450