Rugby League Deutschland set to become an official legal body in Germany.

By Rugby League Deutschland

Rugby League Deutschland is set to become an official legal body in Germany in the summer of 2010. At the moment, due to German law, Rugby League Deutschland will become a e.V-that means a club. It cant become an official Verband (Federation) until it has so many members and is active in a number of states. Currently Rugby League is played in 4 States from the 16 States of Germany.The Paperwork has been signed and so its now just waiting for all the Red tape to be sorted by the legal people. This hopefully will be sorted and we get to become an e.V (Club) in the Summer, sometime. 

German Law states that a minimum of 7 people must be on a board. And that 3 People-usually President, Vice President and treasurer are legally liable for all things. So if any money is missing or the e.V abuses its trust etc, then these 3 people would go to court and face prison! By German Law, each meeting taking place must be noted and minutes sent to the Government people. Also each year, financial records must be shown. You cant just set up a club or federation like in the UK. And it does not matter that it is an amateur club or Professional club, this is the way things must happen in Germany.

What this means is that we can now have our own Tax Code for example. So it makes it easier to get a sponsor for example. It hopefully will help us to become part of the Landersport Federation in some states in time. However this is not easy and the rules keep changing, making it very hard for new Sports like Rugby League, Cricket, Australian Football to get in. What can also happen is that say a Rugby League Club like Calbach Raccoons or a Rugby League State team like Blau Weiss Bayern, as well as themselves be an e.V, can also become members of the Rugby League Deutschland e.V, as well as individuals. 

However this means still that it is very hard for Rugby League Deutschland to get any money from the State or from the Government in Berlin. To get funding, a Sport often needs to be part of the DOSB (German Olympic Committee) or part of a State Sports Federation. So Rugby Union is now an Olympic Sport, it is part of the DOSB and gets a lot of money-despite the fact that it is unlikely any German team will play Rugby 7s at the Olympic games itself! It also means students, who are part of a U21s or U18s get Uni fees payed for and the Army will hep sponsor individuals. Most of the Winter Sports athletes in Germany, are part of the Army, who provide them with top facilities to train at.

Rugby Union has been for around a century or more in some states like Baden Württemberg and NRW. They have been members fof the State Sports federation and so can get money and other benefits. However Rugby Union in Bavaria has not much history and due to not meeting the requirements, is not part of the Bavarian Sports federation. So Rugby Union in Bavaria receives no money or benefits from the State here. The Big Sports like Soccer, Handball, Basketball, Skiing, Ice Hockey etc control the State Sports Federations andkeep making it harder for new or smaller sports to get in. They do this so they get more money and do not have to share facilities etc.